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Haha, fick detta av amerikanska cosmo, of course har jag signat upp för deras nyhetsbrev. Allt sånt är så mkt bättre här!

How to Throw The Hottest Parties This Season

If you're serving beer, don't keep the bottles or cans in the fridge — they will be hard for people to access and take up too much space. Instead, pick up some colorful buckets at the dollar store, fill them with ice, and store drinks in them. If you place two tubs at either side of the room, you'll force people to move and mingle more as they go back and forth to get drinks.
Cupcakes are a crowd-pleasing dessert.Start with a ton of basic butter-cream frosting (you can either buy it or find a really simple recipe online). Then separate portions into different bowls, and mix in flavors. Add pomegranate juice (or a drop of Pama Liqueur) to one, a drop of mint extract to another, and a splash of coffee to another — they'll all taste and look different. Then display the multicolored cakes on a side table.
Lighting is key for creating the whole mood of your gathering, and simply changing a few bulbs will truly transform your space. Screw in peach bulbs for a warm, sexy feel. Or try blue ones for a cooler, nightclub vibe.
When it comes to flowers, go big. Large, voluptuous buds fill up more space, so you'll need fewer of them than you would smaller blooms. For example, a single peony or hydrangea in a small bud vase will look much more impressive on your table than 10 little freesia flowers stuffed into a bigger vase.
Decorate with mirrors. They look chic and glam, and they're supercheap — stores like Ikea sell small ones for next to nothing. Place them on coffee or side tables, then put snacks, like bowls of nuts, on top. The mirrors will reflect light and illuminate your room.
Stack some fun, classic board games (think Boggle, Battleship, and Twister) on a table within view of guests. Most people haven't played them since childhood, so they'll be psyched to break them out. Don't fear: Getting a round going is actually a quirky way to liven up your party and make it a night people remember.
Offer just one specialty drink. This way, you don't have to buy tons of mixers and alcohol. An easy cocktail: Add a dash of cranberry juice to some prosecco for a festive twist. Prosecco is cheaper than champagne, and you'll stretch it by adding the juice.
For effortless extra seating, take any throw pillows you have, including ones from your bed, and spread them out on your living room floor. It'll create a comfy and lounge-y or an exotic, Moroccan feel, depending on your pillows, and people won't just be standing around uncomfortably.

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  1. jag alskar den dar artikeln! jag har alltid undrat vem som kommer pa sana dar smarta ideer? typ det om speglar och sant! haha :D

  2. m jag vet! ofta man bara sitter vid datorn o bara men ja! speglar är bra. fast iof tror ajg ofta det är fr ngn ny bok eller så som kommit ut