måndag, juni 27, 2011

Jag älskar att alla mina föräldrar har kontakt!!!!!

Dear * and *! Haha have to make ****!
We just wanted to send you these lines before Josefin is leaving the US!
Thousand times THANK YOU for making her year so valuable and memorable.
I am sure she will miss You very much when she comes home.
She has learned so much staying with you guys (min pappa skriver guys?!) and she will not be the same person when she comes home.
I hope she has been able to integrate in your family and life style to your satisfaction.
Our holiday starts July 8 and we are really looking fwd to that and some nice rest and vacation.
Once again we thank you so much.......
Yours sincerely,
* and *
This is becoming a very tough day for * and me…
Having just got back from Appalachia with Josefin these finals hours are going by so quickly…
She has been such a joy to be with and * told me that she was one of her hardest workers on the jobsite they were on in Kentucky – you and * can be very proud…
We must say thank you to you and * for letting her share this nearly year with us – we are all family now so you’re stuck with us…
I know we’ll stay in touch and please let me know when she arrives home safely.
Tack och varmaste hälsningar,

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  1. nej vad gulligt!! och vad fint att de skriver på svenska!! :)